How hard is it to travel Europe with a dog?

Europe is an incredibly dog-friendly continent that's perfect for a country-hopping trip with your intrepid pup. There, animals mostly have the same freedom as humans to move through European Union borders without needing extra documentation, which limits the hassle.

Is Spain or Portugal more dog friendly?

Portugal is not as dog-friendly as Germany, but not more dog-unfriendly than many other countries. In Spain, France and the Netherlands, for example, dogs are not allowed on the guarded beaches any more than in Portugal.

What is the dog capital of Europe?

Paris, FranceParis, FranceFrance's capital came out top dog with an overall score of 216, thanks to its 351 dog-friendly hotels, 184 dog-friendly restaurants and easy travel options.

Can I move to Europe with my dog?

However, dog transport to Europe requires they be microchipped before the rabies vaccination regardless of where you travel. Also, when moving to Europe with your dog, you do not have to travel on the same flight, but you should arrange to fly within five days of your pet if possible.

What European country is the easiest to bring a dog?

Can I fly to Spain with my dog?

To introduce a dog, cat or ferret into Spain, the pet must: – Be identified with a microchip, or tattoo (if it was done before 03/July/2011 and provided that it remains legible). – Be vaccinated against rabies with a valid vaccine at the time of travel and included in the passport. – Have a European pet passport .

Is France a dog friendly country?

France is known for being incredibly dog friendly, with the majority of trains, restaurants, and buses all allowing dogs.

Why is Germany so dog friendly?

In Germany, pets are treated with high respect and care. Many Germans view their pets as family members and take their responsibilities as pet owners very seriously. For example, it is common to see dogs allowed in public places such as restaurants, cafes, and even some retail stores.

Is Greece pet friendly?

In Greece, like much of North America, dogs are regular additions to family units. Therefore, dogs are permitted, by law, in all open, outdoor public spaces, including parks and the sidewalks, so long as you abide by the regulations.

Is Spain a dog friendly country?

You can get a serious fine if it is discovered that your domestic pet is not registered properly. Spain is still a moderately dog friendly country.

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