Can you get away with vaping on a cruise ship?

You aren't allowed to vape in your stateroom on a cruise ship – this includes your own balcony. Cruise lines view vaping as being the same as normal cigarettes and so will only permit you to use them in designated areas around the ship. These areas will vary depending on your cruise line and ship.

Can I bring a vape on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Smoking/vaping is not permitted inside any stateroom and any stateroom balcony. If a guest is in violation of this stateroom policy, a cleaning fee of $250 USD will be applied to their SeaPass® account and may be subject to further actions*.

Can I bring a vape pen on a Carnival cruise ship?

If you're a vaper, the good news is that Carnival Cruise Line does allow electronic cigarettes and vaping devices on board, but there are some restrictions you should be aware of.

Can you bring your own cigarettes on a cruise?

Yes. Just like cigarettes, cigars (and tobacco pipes) can be brought onboard and smoked in select areas; although, those areas tend to be more limited than those in which you can smoke cigarettes. Some ships even have designated cigar lounges, reminiscent of those found on 20th-century ocean liners!

How should I travel with my vape?

Vape devices and e-cigarettes should be packed in carry-on luggage only, with a maximum of 20 batteries. Refills and e-liquids must also be kept in hand luggage with a maximum bottle size of 100ml. You can take up to 20 batteries on board. These can be packed in your hand luggage but not in your checked baggage.

How do you bring a vape on a cruise?

Yes, you can bring your vape on a Carnival cruise. However, there are some restrictions when it comes to usage. E-cigarettes and other vaping devices are allowed, but they must be used in designated outdoor smoking areas only.

Is smoking or vaping allowed on cruise ships?

Can you smoke on Carnival balcony?

Smoking is prohibited in all guest staterooms. All staterooms and suites, including balconies, are entirely smoke-free. This policy includes all forms of smoking, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes), tobacco pipes and personal vaporizers.

What is the fine for smoking on a cruise balcony?

If caught smoking in your cabin or cabin balcony, you will be told to stop and charged a "cleaning fee" (typically $200 to $250). If you continue to break the rule, you may be forcibly removed from the ship.

What is a vaper’s tongue?

“Vape tongue” or “vaper's tongue” is a condition associated with e-cigarette use that causes individuals to lose their sense of taste. The condition is temporary, but users should stop or decrease e-cigarette use to regain taste function.

Can hotels tell if you vape in the room?

Smoke detectorsThe most obvious way for a hotel to find out about you vaping in your room is because of the smoke detector – because yes, vaping can also be detected by such a system. Although they're called “smoke detectors”, smoke is not the only thing that will set them off.

What vapes can go through security?

Make sure your vape device is completely switched off, not just in sleep mode. Any spare batteries must be individually wrapped to prevent a short-circuit and packed in carry-on luggage only. E-Liquids can be stored in your hand luggage in clear plastic bags in bottles not exceeding 100ml.

Can I take my vape through security?

Electronic smoking devices are allowed only in carry-on baggage. Passengers are required to take effective measures for preventing accidental activation of the heating element of the device when transporting the devices.

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