Is it worth going to Gran Canaria in December?

As one of the 'Islands of Eternal Spring', Gran Canaria's a great place for winter sun. Volcanic Gran Canaria has high mountains that have a big impact on its weather. These protect the south from north easterly winds, so you'll get warmer and drier weather here; it's cooler and wetter in the mountains themselves.

Which Canary island is best for December?

Gran Canaria and Lanzarote are the hottest of the islands in December. There's only a very small chance of rain, and temperatures can reach as high as 26ºC, even over Christmas.

Is it worth going to the Canary Islands in December?

Which is the best Canary island at Christmas?

Gran Canaria has the warmest Christmas weather of the Canary Islands, with an average temperature of 23ºC and 6 hours of complete sunshine!

Can I swim in Tenerife in December?

Yes, it can be a few degrees warmer in the south of Tenerife and it almost never rains there. But it's also warm in the north of Tenerife. You'll also be able to go to the beach, sunbathe and swim.

What is the cheapest time to go to Tenerife?

Cheaper timesThe cheapest months include March, April, May (excluding the Easter period), October and November. The temperature in Tenerife rarely dips below 18°C in these months, so sightseeing, hiking and other activities are all still possible – and there will be fewer people on the beaches.

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