Does St John have good snorkeling?

surrounding reefs, mangrove lagoons and outlying cays. As you might expect, the conservation of important marine habitats means St John has some incredible snorkeling spots. But what really sets it apart from other Caribbean destinations is the quality of the shallow water snorkeling available on St John.

Which Virgin Islands has best snorkeling?

The Best Snorkeling in the Virgin Islands

  • Coki Point Beach (St. Thomas): On the north shore of St. Thomas, Coki Point offers superb year-round snorkeling. …
  • Waterlemon Cay/Leinster Bay (St. John): Easily accessible Leinster Bay, on the northern shore of St. John, offers calm, clear, uncrowded waters teeming with sea life.

What is the prettiest beach on St John?

So, here's our list of favorite St John beaches

  • TRUNK BAY BEACH. St John's most popular, most photographed, and most visited beach is Trunk Bay. It's arguably the most beautiful beach on St John; if not all of the Caribbean! It's a Must-See on many visitor's STJ Bucket List. …

What kind of sharks are around St John?

Caribbean Reef SharksThese large reef based sharks are the sharks we see the most of in the Virgin Islands (St Thomas and St John). Reefies are their known are expert hunters that are very alert and smart sharks often working in packs to hunt.

Is St. Thomas or St Croix better for snorkeling?

Because both islands are protected by coral reefs, the snorkeling on each is superb. St. Croix has the edge for diving, with wrecks, drop-offs, and the largest living reef of any Caribbean island to explore.

Is Cinnamon Bay good for snorkeling?

Where is the clearest water in the Virgin Islands?

Cane Bay Beach owes much of its popularity to the clarity of the water; there's some of the best shore diving and snorkeling in the U.S. Virgin Islands here. Just 150 yards from the shoreline, the Cane Bay Wall drops off in around 35 feet of water, visible and accessible to snorkelers.

What is the number 1 beach in St. John?

Beaches on St. John

Location on Map BEACH NAME (click on name to go to detailed description) Parking
1 Trunk Bay
2 Hawksnest
3 Cinnamon Bay
4 Salomon Bay

Where is the prettiest water in the US Virgin Islands?

10 Best Beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Magens Bay Beach, St Thomas.
  • Trunk Bay Beach, St John.
  • Salt Pond Beach, St John.
  • Sandy Point Beach, St Croix.
  • Turtle Beach, St Croix.
  • Maho Bay Beach, St John.
  • Honeymoon Beach, St John.
  • Hawksnest Beach, St John.

Is it safe to swim in St. John?

Just be sure to watch yourself. You may even want to wear watersocks on some swims due to coral and urchins. Surf and current are other deterrents to your perfect swim, so be sure to be mindful of your surroundings and always have a buddy.

Is it safe to swim in the Saint John River?

Humans should avoid swimming in or near water that is “scummy,” colored green or reddish-brown, or where algae mats are present (FWC 2023b). Despite these hazards, some people do swim in the St. Johns River, though swimming in tributaries should be avoided.

Where is the best place to snorkel in St. Thomas?

Some of the most popular snorkeling spots include Hansen Bay Beach, Hawksnest Beach, Maho Bay Beach, and Salt Pond Beach. There's a magical world waiting for you beneath the surface of the water on St. Thomas. Snorkeling with the island's wildlife is sure to be the highlight of your vacation!

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