Do you get free alcohol on long haul flights?

Complimentary meals are included with all our long-haul flights. Menus vary depending on your destination and flight time, and all meals are followed by a hot drink. We'll also pass through the cabin with complimentary bar services offering soft, hot and alcoholic drinks of your choice.

What cocktails are served on British Airways premium economy?

Signature cocktails and mocktail featuring – Gin Fizz: Gin with orange juice and a top up of sparkling water. Bloody Mary: Flying favourite with vodka, tomato juice over ice with a slice and spice. Citrus Twist: Cool twist of orange and apple juice finished with lemon to tantalise the taste buds.

What drinks are free on British Airways International?

I'm going to assume you're talking about economy class here… on long haul and BA CityFlyer flights you can have: tea, coffee, decaf coffee, water, sparkling water, Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, ginger ale, tonic water, light tonic water, bitter lemon, orange juice, apple juice, tomato juice, red wine, …

Do you have to pay for drinks on BA Long-Haul?

No, the standard meal served is complimentary, along with other meal services and drinks served on board.

Do you get free drinks on Dreamliner?

Drinks are complimentary, where they will do a couple of drinks runs. Meal will either be a chicken or beef option (unless you requested a special meal) served a couple of hours into the flight.

Does British Airways have free alcohol on international flights?

Do you have to pay for drinks on British Airways?

No, the standard meal served is complimentary, along with other meal services and drinks served on board.

Is alcohol free on British Airways premium economy?

British Airways premium economy includes larger seats than economy, two three-course meals, snacks, complimentary alcohol, an upgraded amenity kit, priority check-in, and double baggage allowance. No, lounge access is not included with a British Airways premium economy ticket.

Are drinks complimentary on British Airways flights?

Complimentary drinks are served to everyone, regardless of their meal selection. No, the standard on-board meal is replaced with the meal you choose from our menu online. Any additional meal services will still be offered to you as normal.

How much alcohol can you take on British Airways?

More about travelling with medicines or medical equipment. There's no limit on the number of alcoholic beverages you can travel with as long as their alcohol volume is below 24%. You can bring up to five litres of alcohol with an alcohol volume between 24% and 70%.

Does British Airways give free wine?

Yes, British Airways do serve free drinks – beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks. Drinks of all kinds are served without a charge on BA's trans Atlantic flights.

What do you get on Dreamliner economy?

On our Dreamliner B787s you'll enjoy the next generation and award-winning Recaro seat, ergonomically designed for optimal comfort. Everything has been thought of to support your travel needs – mood lights, storage areas and even a personal electronic device shelf.

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