Is it easy to get a taxi at St Maarten airport?

Getting a taxi in St Maarten is quite easy. They line the outside of the airport's terminal building and can take you anywhere you need to go around the island. Do keep in mind that once night time sets in, taxi rates tend to get a bit pricey and many taxis are not readily available.

How do you get around St Martin without a car?

There are regular cabs available to get around from Marigot, from Philipsburg and from all tourist sites. There are regular cabs available at both airports (regional and international) seven days a week. If you do not want to rent a car on St. Martin, a cab is the ideal compromise.

Do cell phones work in St Martin?

Yes, you can use your cell phone on St. Martin to call inside the island or to anywhere else. I called *611 on my cell, pressed 4 a couple of times and got a CS rep. He added the international dialing feature.

How much is a taxi in St Maarten airport?

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