Can I fly with my dog if I buy him a seat?

Even better, the dog isn't restricted to a carrier if you purchase an additional seat for them. You simply have to keep them leashed. However, even though you bought the seat for your pet, your pet isn't actually allowed to sit on the seat.

How much is a pet on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines charges a fee of $99 one-way to bring your pet in the cabin with you. Although there's no cap on the number of pets allowed in the cabin, each passenger is allowed a maximum of one pet. On Frontier's website, you can add your pet to your reservation when booking a flight.

Can I buy a seat for my dog on an airplane UK?

Can an airline ask you what your service dog is for?

If airline personnel are not certain of the animal's status, even after being told that an animal is a service animal, additional questions may be asked, including: What tasks or functions does your animal perform for you? What has the animal been trained to do for you?

How strict is Frontier with pets?

There may be certain seats that cannot accommodate your pet container, but we'll work with you to get a seat assignment with space. Maximum dimensions for a pet container are 18" length x 14" width x 8" height. We recommend the container be a soft-sided case. Your pet must stay in its container at all times.

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