Was the Boeing 787 a success?

The Dreamliner is a successful aircraft, still in production with more than 1600 delivered or on order. The list price for a new Boeing 787-8 is $239 million dollars.

How many 787 does Boeing build per year?

Earlier this year, Boeing said it was moving from producing three to four 787s monthly. Boeing now says it “plans to ramp” 787 output to five aircraft monthly in late 2023. It is also sticking with a plan to produce 10 of the widebodies monthly in 2025 or 2026, and of delivering 70-80 of the jets this year.

It's just newer. Perhaps the main reason but the 787-10's lack of popularity is due to the simple fact that it is a newer aircraft. While the 787-8 took its first flight in 2009 and the -9 in 2013, the -10 didn't take off until 2017. In fact, the -10 was only officially launched in 2013, at the Paris Air Show.

Has Boeing made money on the 787?

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