Is Zurich Airport easy to navigate?

Changing flights at Zürich is easy and straightforward, with short routes between its three terminals. Terminals A and B/D are located under one roof and connected by the Airside Center shopping/dining complex. Passengers can walk between gates and there are also moving walkways.

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Is Zurich a busy airport?

Zurich AirportZurich Airport is the largest international and busiest airport of Switzerland.

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How many gates does Zurich airport have?

How long to get to Zurich Airport before flight?

between 2 and 3 hoursPractical information for passengers & visitorsFor an easy passage through the security check, make sure you're properly prepared. We recommend you to arrive between 2 and 3 hours before departure. Please note the opening hours of the check-in counters.

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Do I need a transit visa if I have more than 6 hour layover in Zurich?

The Swiss airport transit visa is valid for 24 hours. It is also only valid within the transit area of a Swiss airport. If you want to leave the airport transit area or stay for longer than 24 hours, you need a regular, Swiss Schengen visa.

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