Is Aqua Express Atlantis worth it?

We found it to be worth it otherwise youd be paying to queue for most of the day. We overheard one family saying that they had only been in about 4 rides all day… we managed to go on about 50. Pricey but if you are only around for a day it is very worth it!

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How much does the Aqua Express cost?

In the past, the ticket price of AquaXpress was linked to how busy the park was. Atlantis used dynamic pricing to set the price for the ultimate skip-the-line ticket. Now that has changed. The price is the same on any given day: AED 195 (53 USD / 42 GBP / 49 EUR).

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Does Aquaventure have fast pass?

Alternatively, you can upgrade your admission ticket with the AquaXpress pass, which gives you access to the fast-track queue for many rides.

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Is Aqua Express worth it?

How to buy AquaXpress?

You can buy AquaXpress fast pass tickets directly at Atlantis on the day of your visit. There is no need to book AquaXpress in advance. We recommend buying tickets for the park online and the fast pass at the entrance. You can even buy AquaXpress during the day.

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What does Aquaventure super pass include?

Highlights of Aquaventure Super Pass

  • Access to the Lost Chamber Aquarium.
  • Enjoy your day with friends and family in the region leading water park.
  • Experience thrilling and exciting rides.
  • Take unlimited rides.
  • Spend your day on a tropical landscape in an amazing atmosphere.
  • Access to the private beach.
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How long do you need at Atlantis aquaventure?

four to five hoursYou need to have a minimum of four to five hours to have fun at Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai. Since the waterpark is so huge and there are tons of attractions and experiences, the more time you have on your hand, the more you can enjoy it at the waterpark.

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