How to visit Jordan cheap?

For cost-conscious travelers, here are a few tips to explore Jordan on a budget.

  1. Enjoy the street food in Jordan. …
  2. Souq Markets. …
  3. Visit the free museums in Jordan. …
  4. Join a tour of the Dead Sea. …
  5. Join a group to explore Petra. …
  6. Get a Jordanian SIM card.
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Is it expensive to go to Jordan?

I've been asked this a lot – is Jordan expensive? The Middle East is typically not a cheap region to travel around, and Jordan is no exception to this. A strong currency and a lack of facilities that cater to lower budget travellers makes Jordan a potentially expensive holiday destination.

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Is it safe to go to Jordan in 2023?

The UK Foreign Office considers Jordan to be a safe destination and, aside from its advice on avoiding the border with Syria, has no travel advisories in place. However, although most tourists have visited the country without incident, it is worth remaining vigilant.

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What is the cheapest time of year to visit Jordan?

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