Where do pilots normally live?

As a pilot, you will usually be assigned a 'base'. This is your home airport and will be the airfield you will find yourself operating from most frequently.

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Do pilots choose where they live?

Where you live or commute to as a pilot is determined by your seniority. Each airline has different locations, or domiciles, across the country where pilots are based, called crew bases. Each pilot bids for the location they would like to be based, which is then awarded by seniority.

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How far do pilots live from the airport?

What kind of lifestyle do pilots have?

As a pilot, you do tend to get quite a lot of time off to allow you to recover between flights. The numbers of hours pilots can work a day/week/month/year are limited by regulations to avoid fatigue. The job typically offers more days off than your typical Monday to Friday 9-5 job, and better holiday allowances.

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Do pilots have good quality of life?

Because of this, as many pilots gain in seniority and no longer have to fly reserve, they work towards moving to the base of their choice, which allows them to use their own home instead of a crash pad or hotel, leading to a better quality of life.

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