Are beaches in Portugal warm?

In fact, the waters of Portugal's coasts are rather cold compared to those of the Mediterranean Sea. A period of mental and physical preparation is necessary to enjoy a swim in the waters of the beaches of Portugal. However, there are some places where the temperature of the water is warmer and warmer.

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Where is the water the warmest in Portugal?

The Algarve, Portugal's warmest water destinationThis sun-drenched region is blessed with warm, sunny summers, which results into pleasantly warm water temperatures during the summer season.

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Does Portugal have warm water beaches?

Which month is cold in Portugal?

January is the coldest month in Portugal. Although January is the chilliest month of the year, the winters are mild and quite sunny. There's lots of benefits to visiting Portugal during January, like less crowds, fewer lines, and more availability for accommodations and tours.

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Why is Portugal water so cold?

Living in Portugal, we are blessed with a warm climate and stunning beaches, but the sea is practically always “freezing”. This is due to a combination of factors such as Portugal's location on the westernmost part of Europe, where we are exposed to the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Can you swim in the water in Portugal?

Of course, Portugal is mostly famous for its beautiful coastline and stunning beaches, but the country certainly has a lot more to offer. That includes a selection of Portugal lakes and lagoons with infinite opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and canoeing.

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