What are some fun facts about the Elizabeth line?

The Numbers

  • Originally known as the Crossrail, Boris Johnson officially renamed it the Elizabeth line in 2016 in honour of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Construction on the Crossrail began on May 15, 2009, after 35 years of planning.
  • The seats are covered with a purple moquette fabric designed by design studio Wallace Sewell.
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Was the Elizabeth line a success?

Just over a year after opening, the Elizabeth Line has been an unrivalled success, reducing congestion in Central London by increasing rail capacity by 10%, and hitting 100 million passengers long before experts predicted.

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Is Elizabeth line reliable?

Howard Smith, Elizabeth Line director, said: “The Elizabeth Line has become one of the most popular and reliable railways in the country since opening with around 4.2 million passenger journeys now taking place each week.

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Why is the Elizabeth line good?

Is Elizabeth line comfortable?

Being deeper than the original underground services it's quite a walk to get to and from the Line (and so similar to the Jubilee Line). The automated service is all very modern compared to the older lines and feels more spacious and comfortable. Worth making the effort to travel on if only for the experience.

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Is the Elizabeth line better?

The Elizabeth line has the highest passenger volume of any railway in Britain and is currently one of the most reliable. We also have the lowest complaint rates.

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Is the Elizabeth line quiet?

Silence. One of the most striking aspects of the Elizabeth Line is how gloriously silent it is.

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