Do you need a car in Bali?

Most people will tell you that renting a car in Bali is not necessary. It's definitely not a common thing to do for tourists since there are other more convenient transport methods available. The vast majority of travellers will rent a scooter, or if they're not confident drivers, hire a private driver instead.

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Is it easy to grab in Bali?

In our experience Grab drivers in Bali are pretty quick to respond to taxi requests. However, if a driver is not available the app will search for a few minutes and then offer the option to keep searching. You may need to return to the list of taxis for your journey and try booking again in a few minutes.

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Is it good idea to rent a car in Bali?

Renting a car in Bali can be a great way to see the island, especially with a family or group. We love that so many cars come with the option of a private driver, too. Not only that, but there are lots of reasonably priced options, and you'll find it much safer than riding a scooter.

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What is the best way to get around in Bali?

How long does it take to drive from one side of Bali to the other?

Bali is made up of three main roads that circumnavigate the island and hundreds of smaller roads that traverse the countryside. It takes approximately 3 hours to travel the length and breadth of Bali. Road conditions on the main roads are generally good but can be heavily populated with slow traveling trucks.

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Is Bali right hand drive?

Driving in Bali is on the left-hand side of the road, with the driver's seat and steering wheel on the right. Driving a car in Bali can be stressful, with chaotic traffic and many motorcycles that zigzag in and out.

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How do you avoid Bali Belly?

How can you avoid Bali Belly?

  1. Make sure all meat and seafood is thoroughly cooked (not raw or rare)
  2. Avoid the following foods while travelling: Sushi. Unpasteurised dairy products milk/cheese/ice cream. …
  3. Water: Don't drink tap water. Don't use tap water to brush your teeth. …
  4. Hygiene: Wash your hands after using the toilet.
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