How to get skip the line tickets for Sagrada Familia?

Buy online ticketsOnline tickets usually provide skip-the-line access to Sagrada Familia. Additionally, online tickets allow you to pick your visiting time. You can pick the time when the least people visit the attraction.

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Do you need skip the line for Park Guell?

Book skip the line tickets in advance to guarantee priority access to Park Guell. With these tickets, you can bypass the long queues and walk straight into the attraction, saving time and energy. It is advisable to book your tickets online and in advance to avoid waiting in long lines.

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How do you skip-the-line at the Sagrada Familia?

Do you need fast track tickets for Sagrada Familia?

To avoid the long entrance queues to the Sagrada Família you can buy online the Fast track tickets. The tickets are recommend for those who want to visit the Sagrada Família main interior space of the basilica and the museum.

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Should I buy tickets in advance for Park Guell?

In order to guarantee access to Park Güell, we recommend advance reservation and purchase of tickets. This reservation can be made up to three months ahead of the visit, choosing the date and the time-band, up to a maximum of nine tickets per person for each purchase.

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What is the best way to see Sagrada Familia?

Without a doubt, the best way to visit Sagrada Familia is with a tour guide for many reasons. First, the cathedral is a complicated masterpiece with many layers of meaning designed by a genius.

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