Is December a good month to visit Maui?

Maui in December is every vacationer's dream. While North America is dipping into freezing temperatures and snow storms, Maui remains sunny and inviting.

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Is Hawaii ocean warm in December?

Water TemperaturesPacific Ocean temperatures on Honolulu shores are warmer than those of Hilo, but both are still swim-worthy at 77 and 73 degrees, respectively. Ocean temperatures in December all around the Hawaiian islands rest comfortably at about 77 degrees.

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How cold is the ocean in Maui?

Summit of Haleakala

Season Ocean Temp Lows
Winter (Dec/Jan/Feb) 74-76 °F 23-24 °C 63°F 17.2°C
Spring (March, Apr, May) 75-77 °F 23-25 °C 64°F 17.7°C
Early Summer (June, July) 77-78 °F 25-25.5 °C 69°F 20.5°C
Late Summer (Aug, Sept) 79-85 °F 26.1-29.4 °C 69°F 20.5°C


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Is ocean cold in Maui in December?

Can you swim in Hawaii at Christmas?

Can You Swim in Hawaii in December? No trip to Hawaii is complete without a dip in the ocean, and December is no exception. This month's average ocean temperature is 78°F, so it's warm enough to swim and enjoy some of the island's other aquatic activities like snorkeling and diving.

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What is the calmest beach in Maui in winter?

On Maui, Wailea, Makena, Kihei, Maalaea, Olowalu, Lahaina, and Ka'anapali (sort of) are on the leeward side. These “summer beaches” tend to be calm and flat during the winter months.

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Can you see whales in Maui in early December?

During the winter months of December-April, the leeward waters of Maui County house the world's densest humpback whale population. Every year, over 10,000 humpbacks annually migrate to the warm, shallow waters of Maui, and create thunderous splashes and aerial performances not seen in other species of whales.

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