Do cruise ships go to Madeira?

Madeira (Funchal)Port Facilities & LocationWhen you arrive in port on a cruise to Madeira, you'll be fairly close to the center of town. Shuttle buses are available to take you further into the island from the port, or you can take a taxi if you don't feel like bussing it.

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Where do cruise ships go in Madeira?

FunchalCruise ships visiting Madeira dock in the harbour of Funchal, located on the island's south coast. As your ship sails into Madeira cruise port, you can enjoy the island's stunning views; the palm trees dotted amongst the red roofs of painted houses and the tree-covered hills rising in the background.

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Do cruise ships visit Madeira?

How many cruise ships visit Madeira?

Overview. Funchal is one of the most visited cruise port of call in the South European Atlantic itineraries during the Spring-Summer season with 597.818 passengers and over 300 cruise ship visits in 2019.

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How often do cruise ships visit Funchal?

Cruise Ships ActivityDuring the high season it is common for several ships to arrive and depart from the port of Funchal every day, attracting tourists to discover the beauties of the island.

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