Can I go to Petra without a guide?

Getting a guideEven though you can visit Petra on your own, it is absolutely advisable that you have a guide to visit Petra to learn about the incredible history of this Unesco World Heritage site. The history is so fascinating and complicated, you'd be missing a great deal without a historian to tell you about it.

Can you visit Petra without a guide?

We advise you to start your visit to the archaeological site through the dam and dark valley, through even the royal tombs, we advised to accompany a tour guide because the road is rugged and requires the presence of facilities and if you want to stay overnight for the third day, we advise you to see the sunset of the …

How much does a Petra guide cost?

50 JDA local site tour guide along Petra (for site detailed information) can be requested if desired. Local tour guides can be requested and arranged in Petra Visitor center if not included at your itinerary, and it will cost 50 JD (around 70$) for basic trail coverage – around 2-3 hours.

Can you visit Wadi Rum on your own?

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