Are Lyft ratings anonymous?

Two-way ratingsYour feedback is anonymous and lets us take appropriate action to help keep the community safe.

What can Lyft drivers see about you?

Once you're matched with your driver, you'll see their name, profile photo, and rating. And when you add a photo to your profile, drivers know who to look for. We never share your phone number or personal information with other riders or drivers.

Do Lyft drivers see your rating?

Can Uber drivers see my ratings?

The basics of ratingsAfter each trip, riders and drivers have the opportunity to rate each other from 1 to 5 stars, based on their trip experience. Ratings are anonymous. You won't see individual ratings tied to a particular trip or person.

Is it safe to use Lyft at night?

There's a whole nightlife of drunks that trust rideshare to get them home every weekend between 11p and 2a. Just confirm that the car picking you up has the same license plate as in the app and you will get the same amount of protection from Lyft as you would if you took a ride in the broad daylight.

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