Which are the best seats on TUI Dreamliner premium?

Best seats in the Premium cabin are definitely Row 1 A/C or G/J where you will have loads of extra legroom and no difficulty getting in and out of your window seat. (just flown recently myself in Row 1 )There is no restricted view from seats in premium cabin except Row 7 A/C which does not have a window. Angie.

Do you get complimentary drinks on TUI Dreamliner?

We'll also pass through the cabin with complimentary bar services offering soft, hot and alcoholic drinks of your choice.

Is premium seats worth it with TUI?

It raises the ultimate question, “Is Tui Premium worth it?” Well, we say yes, particularly for special occasions. Sometimes treating yourselves is necessary, especially during long-haul flights. Check out all the perks of Tui Premium in our review below.

Do you get free lounge with TUI premium?

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