Is there anything taller than the Burj Khalifa?

Work has begun on Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower, also called Kingdom Tower, which will surpass Burj Khalifa's height once it's constructed. Burj Khalifa will soon lose its title of the World's tallest building.

What will be tallest building in 2030?

The Jeddah Tower: Saudi Arabia aims for the skyWith a structure that evokes a bundle of leaves shooting up from the ground, the Kingdom Jeddah Tower will surpass by nearly 200 metres the Burj Khalifa, which has held the title as the world's tallest free-standing structure since it opened in Dubai in 2010.

What is the tallest thing ever built?

Will there be a new tallest building?

After a five-year pause, construction on the Jeddah Tower has resumed. Set to become the world's tallest skyscraper and beat the UAE's Burj Khalifa, the tower was designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture and initially began construction in 2013.

What 80 of buildings will exist in 2050?

New buildings are more energy efficient, but 80% of buildings that will be standing in 2050 have already been built.

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