Do Greek ferries leave early?

Despite the unreliable Greek ferry system, it is still the most efficient and busiest in the world. There is no need to arrive at any port more than 30 minutes before the time. Ferries never leave before the scheduled time.

What is the compensation for delayed ferries?

You are entitled to compensation of 25% of your ticket price, for that part of the affected journey, if your service is delayed in arrival by at least: One hour for a journey of duration four hours. Two hours for a journey of duration between four and eight hours.

Are Greek ferries usually on time?

Does travel insurance cover cancelled ferries?

Customers who experience a cancellation, delay in departure or delay in arrival may wish to claim on their travel insurance and can do so by downloading the 'Disrupted Service Claim Form'. You can send this to your insurance company with your claim as proof you experienced a disruption or cancellation.

What happens if my ferry is delayed?

If a service is expected to be cancelled or delayed for more than 90 minutes beyond its scheduled departure time, the ferry operator is required to provide passengers with free snacks, meals and refreshments where they are available or can reasonably be supplied. A full refund which must be paid within seven days.

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