When did Britain stop using steam trains?

11 August 1968The last steam locomotive built for mainline British Railways was 92220 Evening Star, which was completed in March 1960. The last steam-hauled service trains on the British Railways network ran on 11 August 1968, but the use of steam locomotives in British industry continued into the 1980s.

How long did a steam train take from York to London?

Mostly journey times were about 4 hrs 20 mins but it obviously depended on the number of stops. Down trains had similar timings.

Was the steam train faster than the Mallard?

Mallard's record has never been officially exceeded by a steam locomotive, although a German DRG Class 05 reached 124 mph in 1936 on a horizontal stretch of track, unlike Stoke Bank, which is slightly downhill.

When was the last steam train built in Britain?

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