Is the train from Granada to Madrid scenic?

Madrid to Granada by train is a very scenic journey. Your train will speed through the Sierra Morena on the run south to Andalucía.

How long is the train from Madrid to Granada?

Usually, the journey from Madrid to Granada by train takes 4h 46m. However, it can take just 3h 17m on the fastest Renfe's highspeed AVE services to travel the 223 miles between these two cities.

Is the train ride from Madrid to Granada Scenic?

Can you do a day trip to Granada from Madrid?

This Granada day trip from Madrid begins at Atocha Station, where after a 3-hour 20 minutes journey you will have arrived in this idyllic city. To make the most of this day in Granada, you will have a 24-hour ticket for the tourist train.

Is Granada worth visiting?

The main reason most tourists visit Granada is probably to go see Alhambra. It is after all a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Muslim World. So many people ask themselves: Is Granada worth visiting without Alhambra? And my answer would be: Yes, definitely!

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