What do people wear to Ibiza?

General dress code for IbizaFor men, trousers paired with a shirt and smart footwear is the way to go. Ditch the trainers and sneakers for a more sophisticated look. As for women, they can flex their style muscles by opting for jeans with a blouse or shirt, or a stylish Ibiza-inspired dress with flats or heels.

Do people wear heels in Ibiza?

So what to wear while you're there? Unlike Marbs, heels and ultra-tight dresses are not so de rigueur in Ibiza. As one local told me last time I was there, 'no one wears heels in Ibiza'. It's not strictly true – some people do, and if you're going for dinner somewhere sceney in a taxi and back again, heels are fine.

How to dress like Ibiza?

How can I look good in Ibiza?

As Ibiza is known as the white island, white outfits are always a perfect match. Go for natural and light fabrics like cotton and linen: it gets so hot in summer! Accessorize your outfits with boho jewelry, espadrilles, hats, and bags. Don't pack layers: it's really hot even at night during the whole season.

How to pack for Ibiza?

Read on for my packing list for Ibiza.

  1. Airport outfit. For your airport outfit, comfort is the most important thing. …
  2. A statement swimming costume. If you're heading to a beach club during your trip then you're going to need a stand out swimming costume. …
  3. Beach cover up. …
  4. Wedges or platforms. …
  5. Denim shorts. …
  6. Chunky sandals.
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