Is it worth driving the Road to Hana?

The Hana Highway is great from a car, but to appreciate it, you're going to have to stop frequently, get out of the car, and in some cases, walk or hike a bit to see things. For us, this is ideal. But not everyone likes the idea of even light hiking, so keep that in mind when deciding to make the drive or not.

What is the big deal about the Road to Hana?

Of all the great road trips in the U.S., Hawaii's coastal Road to Hana is among the most scenic. The 64-mile route on Maui connects the towns of Kahului and Hana. It only takes about three hours from point A to point B if you don't stop — but stop you must, as the sights along the way are part of the adventure.

Is it better to drive Road to Hana or take a tour?

This depends on what type of traveler you are and how much time you have. If you'd rather not drive, and you want a guide you can ask questions to, a Hana van tour is the best option. If you want a little more control over where you go, and you want to do your own research, driving is your best option.

Is Road to Hana really worth it?

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