Do you need a car to get around Seville?

Getting around Seville by carA large part of the city center is for pedestrians only and in general it is very easy to get lost. Don't hesitate to catch a bus, rent a bike or walk (my favorite). You shouldn't rent a car in Seville unless you plan to do a side trip or head for somewhere else in Spain.

Where should I avoid in Seville?

Seville's dangerous neighborhoodsIn the Andalusian capital, the areas that can be defined as dangerous are: El Vacie, Las 3000 Viviendas, Los Pajaritos, and Polígono Norte. We recommend you don't rent a room or an apartment in one of these areas. El Vacie is an out-and-out shanty town.

Is it a good idea to rent a car in Seville Spain?

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