Is alcohol expensive in Lanzarote?

Restaurants and bars are usually quite a bit cheaper than in northern European cities, however supermarket prices may be a little higher than in the UK, but lower than in Ireland. Alcohol and Tobacco are much cheaper in Lanzarote than in the UK or Ireland.

Nao. Another reference on the island of Lanzarote is the Canarian beer Nao, which combines the unique flavors of hops and malt rooted in the territory of the archipelago. One element to highlight is that Nao is part of the Canarian Association of Independent Craft Brewers (ACCAI).

What is the local beer in Lanzarote?

Cerveza NAONAO is Lanzarote's craft brewery, proudly free and oriented to producing special beers.

How much does a beer cost in Lanzarote?

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