What month does Maui have the best weather?

While the west and south coasts are drier and sunnier, the east and north coasts boast lush vegetation and occasional rainfall. The best time to visit Maui is during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to May) and fall (September to November).

What are the rainy months in Maui?

The wet season in Maui lasts typically from November to March, although Wailea's location on Maui's leeward side gives it a microclimate that is drier than the rest of the island, even during the wetter winter months.

What is the least busiest month in Maui?

There are two off-seasons on Maui: the spring and the fall. Spring on Maui is from April to mid-June with April and May being the quietest months.

What are the best and worst months to go to Maui?

Can you swim in Maui year round?

With temperatures that summer between 75 and 80 degrees all year, Maui is by far the most reliable place in the U.S. to dive, dunk, swim, and snorkel in comfort.

Does Maui get bad weather?

Maui has a rainy season like most tropical isles and the storms on Maui that result from passing cyclones have been known to cause flooding, heavy rains, and high shore breaks.

Which side of Maui is best for swimming?

Maui's leeward side inarguably presents the best beaches on the island—if by “best” you mean golden sand, perfectly-swimmable waters, outstanding snorkeling opportunities, lulling waves gentle enough for first-time surfers, and sunshine in spades.

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