Are there sharks in Wailua River Kauai?

There are sharks in Wailua River so keep your hands inside the boat at all times,” the captain of our low-lying vessel only half-jokingly says. “Seriously though, we do see sharks here occasionally,” he adds, which prompts every passenger on the slow boat to the fabled Fern Grotto to look overboard.

Are there sharks at Poipu Beach?

Poipu Beach, Kauai. Last summer, however, lifeguards advised beachgoers to stay out of the water there as a 6 to 8-foot shark was sighted near the Tombolo. Shark warning signs were posted.

Can you swim in Kauai rivers?

Join Outfitters Kauai on a top rated Kauai kayak tour! Paddle the Wailua River, Hawaii's largest tropical river. Hike to a 100' waterfall, explore enchanting jungle trails and swim in a tropical natural pool. The Wailua River is a calm water jungle stream in the heart of Kauai and is Hawaii's only navigable river.

Are there sharks in Kauai River?

Does Kauai have water snakes?

We do have sea snakes in Hawai'i from time to time that drift in on the currents, but we have a type of eel that looks very similar to a sea snake. Sea snakes are reptiles and they need to breathe air. So when you see one on the bottom within a 30 minute period of time, the snake will swim to the surface to breathe.

Does Hawaii have shark infested waters?

Incidents of sharks biting people in Hawaiian waters are very rare, occurring on average at a rate of about three or four per year. Fatal shark bites are extremely rare, especially considering the number of people in Hawaii's waters. People who enter the water need to recognize that there are hidden dangers.

Is it safe to snorkel in Hawaii?

You'll want to keep a safe distance from the underwater animals (as many of them could be endangered) and never stand on or touch the reef, as it is extremely fragile and can easily cut you. Snorkeling tours are safe, well-organized, and know the best spots for viewing sea turtles and fish.

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