Which is the cloudy side of Tenerife?

The north is more cloudy too. Some days can be worse than others and usually clouds come and go. But, if you are really looking for a lot of sunshine, the north of Tenerife is a bit more unpredictable.

Where is the most sun Tenerife?

The sunniest part of the north coast is Santa Ursula, La Victoria, La Matanza, El Sauzal and Tacoronte that lead the way to Santa Cruz, also located on the northeast corner of Tenerife: all of them with about 2900 hours of sunshine.

Which part of Tenerife is sunnier?

southThe south is sunnier, drier and warmer than the north, that's a fact. But it's all relative. Tour operators and people who don't know the north of Tenerife will state with confidence that it's cloudy, cool and wet.

Which is the sunniest side of Tenerife?

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