Which side of Tenerife is windy?

Which are the windiest areas of Tenerife? The east coast of Tenerife tends to be windier than the south of the island. El Medano is popular for kitesurfing and there are a lot of kitesurfing schools around the area, so it's an ideal place to stay if you're interested in water sports.

Is Puerto de la Cruz north or south Tenerife?

Located in the north of the island of Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz was one of the first places in the world to attract the burgeoning international tourist trade of the late 18th Century.

Is North Tenerife always cloudy?

However, the north of Tenerife can be cloudy, it can rain during the months of winter, but it isn't its default setting.

Is Tenerife south better or north?

Is South Tenerife hotter than North?

Mount Teide is a dormant volcano in the middle of the island and divides the two halves. In the north, the climate is wetter and cooler, which means it attracts fewer tourists. The south has more sunshine and warmer temperatures. This southern half is also less windy with fewer clouds, which gives a hotter climate.

What part of Tenerife has nightlife?

Playa de las Américas might be the party capital of Tenerife, but Santa Cruz is the actual capital. By day, the bustling old town plays host to a selection of independent shops and cafés. In the evening, the vibe shifts up a notch as plenty of sophisticated bars and restaurants open their doors.

Can you swim in the sea in Tenerife South?

Is it safe to swim in the ocean in Tenerife? Due to its position and exposed nature, Tenerife is often hit with strong trade winds. Coupled with the ferocity of the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife can see very strong waves which can be incredibly dangerous to even the most advanced swimmer.

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