Can you climb any of the Mayan pyramids?

The pyramids and temples are common at most of the ancient Mayan sites around Yucatan and Quintana Roo but to prevent injury and damage to them many are roped off and you can't climb. There are though 3 that you can climb. Coba, Uxmal and one in Izamal.

Which Youtuber jailed for climbing pyramids?

Vitaly ZdorovetskiyVitaly Zdorovetskiy, a YouTube and Instagram personality with over 3 million followers on Instagram, says he spent five days in an Egyptian jail after climbing one of the Pyramids of Giza near Cairo. Zdorovetskiy shared a three-minute-long video to his Instagram page detailing what happened.

Are there underwater Mayan ruins?

Sistema Ox Bel Ha (270.2 km), Sistema Nohoch Nah Chich (67 km), and Sistema Dos Ojos (82.47 km) are the world's three longest operating underwater cave systems in the Riviera Maya. As they were said to represent entrances into the underworld (known as Xibalba), cenotes were once the holy places of the Mayans.

Why is it illegal to climb Mayan pyramids?

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