Is it easy to get Seychelles citizenship?

Sit for the citizenship qualifying examination and obtain at least 80% marks in one of the three National languages. Have not been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 1 year or more for an offence punishable under any laws of Seychelles. Must have resided in the Seychelles for an aggregate period of 15 years.

Can foreigners own property in Seychelles?

About Home or Land ownership in SeychellesIn Seychelles anyone can buy property, local or non-local. If you are a Seychelles Passport holder you can purchase property at any time without permission. The taxes are usually 5%of the sale price and notarial fees of 2%.

Can a U.S. citizen live in the Seychelles?

The gainful occupation permit (GOP) can be obtained by US citizens who move to Seychelles for employment purposes or as self-employed persons. In the first case, the Seychelles company employing the applicant must file for the GOP at least 10 weeks before the employment contract enters into effect.

How much is residence permit in Seychelles?

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