Can I take my dog on a RyanAir flight?

RyanAir does not permit any type of live animal to fly in the cabin of its aircraft unless it is a guide or assistance dog trained to perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability (physical, sensory or psychiatric) and must be certified by an organisation that is a full member of Assistance Dogs …

Which airlines fly dogs from UK to Spain?

PetAir UK have ample experience in flying dogs and cats to Spain. We can organise everything and help you plan all the steps required for your pet's journey. Our main aim to get pets to their destination safely and comfortably, while taking care of the owner's stresses and needs also.

Does RyanAir fly dogs to Spain?

Does Lufthansa allow dogs in cabin?

Animals can be transported either in the cabin and/or in the cargo hold: No more than two animals (dog or cat) in the cabin (in an approved carrying container) or no more than two animals in the cargo hold (in one or two approved carrying containers)

How can I take my dog from USA to Europe?

In addition to the standard requirements (microchip, anti-rabies vaccination, anti-Echinococcus treatment where necessary, EU health certificate), your pet must have a rabies antibody test 30 days after their rabies vaccination and not less than 3 months before travelling to the EU.

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