Can you buy alcohol at night in Spain?

Buying Alcohol Past 11:00pmAs you may have already noticed, after 11 p.m. you'll have a pretty hard time buying alcohol. Before 11 you can pick up alcoholic drinks wherever you want but afterwards the shops will be closed. So, make sure you pick up all your necessities for the night to come earlier in the day!

Can you buy alcohol after 11 in Barcelona?

Buying alcahol is supermarketsWhile restaurants and clubs will often be open and serving, your local shop and supermarket won't. While some shops and supermarkets might be open late, they are not legally allowed to sell alcohol after 11 PM.

What is the alcohol law in Spain?

The minimum buying and drinking age in Spain is 18, which is fairly young compared to the rest of the world. This includes buying alcohol in bars and clubs, restaurants and shops.

Do grocery stores sell liquor in Spain?

Liquor stores in SpainAs long as you're over 18, you can buy beer, cider, wine, and spirits at supermarkets and grocery stores in Spain. It is also only legal for stores to sell alcohol up to 22:00, so don't leave your purchases too late if you're planning a party.

Can you buy alcohol after 9 in Spain?

In these designated areas of the resorts, happy hours, open bars, buying alcohol from vending machines, self-service alcohol dispensers and organised pub crawls and party boat trips will all be subject to prohibitions. The new law also bans off-licence sales between the hours of 9.30pm and 8am.

Can you buy alcohol after 12 in Spain?

So don't leave your purchase too late if you are planning to party, as from 2021, it's illegal to sell alcohol after 10 pm in most shops.

Can you buy alcohol in Spain after 11?

What time is last call in Spain?

That means the “last call for alcohol” is at 02:30 and everybody should be out by 03:00. On Fridays and Saturdays, as well as days before a día festivo (public holiday), an extra half an hour is allowed. Discos or “nite clubs” can stay open till 6am.

Why is alcohol so cheap in Spain?

One of the main reasons why Spain alcohol in Spain is currently so affordable is because the country exercises one of the lowest duty rates in the UK. Per 700ml bottle of liquor, Spain collects just € 2.69 in tax. By contrast, Germany collects € 3.65, France collects € 5.05, and Italy collects € 2.90.

Is liquor cheap in Barcelona?

Prices for a reasonable bottle start at €3 for a supermarket "plonk" up to a Faustino I at €20. A bottle of Vodka should be around €10 – €18 depending on brand, but definitely much cheaper than U.K.

What time can alcohol be sold in Spain?

Shops are required to ask for ID if they believe you might be under age, and they are rather strict about it, so make sure that you have a valid ID on you. Also, if you try purchasing alcohol at a store after 10pm in Spain you are going to be turned away. Selling alcohol after 10pm is illegal in Spain.

What time does everything close in Spain?

In general the working day in Spain is split into two halves, the day commences at 9am until 2pm and 5pm to 8pm, with the famous “siesta” in between. Like elsewhere in Europe, the working week runs from Monday to Friday, except in hospitality and retail (see below).

What is Spain’s favorite alcohol?

Sangria. With a refreshing blend of fruits and spices, sangria is known to be the signature Spanish beverage.

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