How long should I spend in Seville?

three daysHOW MUCH TIME TO YOU NEED IN SEVILLE? We recommend three days in Seville; however, you could easily stay longer. If you only have a weekend – and Seville is a great European weekender – two days would allow you to see most of the main attractions.

How many days in Cordoba is enough?

With two or three nights, you will have time to see most of the city, as well as being able to see other interesting places near Cordoba, such as Medina Azahara – a complex of Arab ruins of what as once the administrative capital of Islamic Spain.

Can you do a day trip to Alhambra from Seville?

Visit the Alhambra palace complex on a full-day trip to Granada from Seville. See the Moorish salons, courtyards and pavilions, and take a tour of the historic Albaicín quarter of the Moors. Stroll down narrow streets fragrant with flowers.

How many days is enough to see Seville?

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