Can you go to Portugal for 5 days?

If you only have five days in Portugal, you can pair two major cities—Lisbon and Porto, for example—or choose one region for an in-depth experience. Explore the dreamy Algarve coast, head to the wine-famous Duoro Valley, or stick to Lisbon and its surrounds.

Can you visit Portugal in 4 days?

Portugal has three main regions; north, centre…and south! Each has their own distinct landscapes, culture, history and gastronomy. Depending on where you want to go, Portugal has something for everyone looking where to spend 4 days in Portugal.

How long do you need to see Spain and Portugal?

Although you could easily stay for a month, you will need at least 14 days to explore Spain and Portugal to give you enough time to see a couple of the big cities and a few smaller towns as well, without feeling too rushed.

Is 5 days enough for Portugal?

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