What girl group died in plane crash?

Pop music star Aaliyah, with three albums to her credit and a growing film and television career, died in a plane crash Aug. 25 in the Bahamas. The 22-year-old singer was killed instantly, as were six members of her video crew. According to the New York post, two more crew members died in hospitals.

What caused Gwen Shamblin’s plane to go down?

The Tennessee plane crash that killed a Christian diet guru and six others in 2021 was caused by the pilot losing airplane control during a climb “due to spatial disorientation,” according to a National Transportation Safety Board report filed Wednesday.

What was the cause of the Gwen Shamblin Lara plane crash?

Ultimately, they determined that the probable cause was "the pilot's loss of airplane control during climb due to spatial disorientation."

Was MH17 shot down by Ukraine?

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