Does Madeira have a winter?

There are two distinct seasons to Madeira: a slightly cooler and wetter winter (October to April) and a drier and warmer summer (May to September), but the location on the island has just as much an effect on the weather as the time of year.

Can you swim in Madeira in winter?

MADEIRA AND THE ETERNAL SPRING!The water temperature remains very pleasant all year round, ranging between 19°C/66°F (winter) and 24°C/75°F (summer). The best month to swim in the sea is in September, when the average sea temperature is 24°C (75°F).

Is Madeira or Malta better?

To be honest your likes make it very difficult to choose as Malta wins hands down on the museums, history and architecture side and Madeira has absolutely fantastic scenery, especially if you like fairly serious walking – the levada walks can be very challenging, but worth it for the views.

Is Malta warmer than Madeira?

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