Can turbulence take down a flight?

You might be wondering, is turbulence strong enough to cause a plane to crash? The answer is: it's extremely rare. Modern aircraft are designed to withstand turbulence and continue flying safely. In fact, planes undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can endure the forces of turbulence.

Has a flight ever gone down because of turbulence?

The short answer is no, and rest assured that the pilots know how uncomfortable turbulence can make passengers feel. And know that no aircraft has ever crashed because of turbulence. "Turbulence has not caused an airplane to crash," Biddle said.

Are planes OK in turbulence?

Airplanes are designed to withstand rough conditions and it is rare for aircraft to incur structural damage because of turbulence. But turbulence can toss passengers and crew members around, potentially causing grave injuries.

Does turbulence delay flights?

What are the most turbulent flight routes?

Routes with the Most Turbulence

  • New York to London.
  • Seoul to Dallas.
  • Flying into certain airports near the equator. There are certain airports which are located close to the equator which means frequent thunderstorms, especially in certain seasons. …
  • Flying into Reno, Nevada. …
  • London to South Africa.

What time of year is turbulence worse?

Winter has strong winds and blizzards, and summer's hot heat can create unstable air, thunderstorms, and tropical storms. That means flying during the holidays often means more turbulence than other times of the year. So if possible, avoid flying between December and February or June and August for a smoother flight.

What cities have the worst turbulence?

Most turbulent routes

# Route Avg. turbulence (edr)
1 Santiago (SCL) – Santa Cruz (VVI) 17.295
2 Tokoname (NGO) – Natori (SDJ) 17.077
3 Almaty (ALA) – Bishkek (FRU) 17.019
4 Osaka (ITM) – Natori (SDJ) 16.981
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