How many people died in the Amtrak train crash?

Three peopleAt least 3 dead, 2 injured after car collides with Amtrak train in California. Three people were killed and two others injured after an Amtrak train crashed into a vehicle obstructing rail tracks near Brentwood, California, on Sunday, officials said.

What state has the most train fatalities?

The State With the Most Train AccidentsThe second state on the list is California, with 150 train collisions. Georgia has 103 collisions, while Illinois has 98. As for fatalities, California has the highest number of deaths in train crashes, standing at 39 deaths in 2020.

Who is the guy suing Amtrak?

A jury on Friday awarded $28.6 million to a man who lost his legs when hit by an Amtrak train while laying on railroad tracks in Marysville, Calif, in 2016, finding varying degrees of negligence by Amtrak, a hospital, and a doctor who released him before the accident, as well as the man himself.

What is the deadliest train wreck in the US?

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