What is the least crowded beach in Santorini?

Santorini's Most Secluded Beaches

  • Columbo. The most secluded beach of the island is about 10km away from Fira, in a cove named Columbo. …
  • Mouzakia. What better way to escape the crowds than to find a beach inaccessible by land? …
  • Baxedes. …
  • Akrotiri. …
  • Kambia.

Where are the non tourist places in Greece?

Which Greek islands are known for their authentic and non-touristy experiences? Some Greek islands known for their authenticity and fewer tourists include Milos, Naxos, Amorgos, Folegandros, Serifos, Ikaria, and Kythira. These islands offer a more local and less commercialized atmosphere.

What are the least tourist parts of Santorini?

Is Oia too crowded?

Oia is absolutely stunning, but it is just too busy! My husband and I felt like sardines channeling through the streets. It is just not nice. Worth going to see for the views and taking some pics, but honestly, rather go out to some of the smaller and less touristy places, far more pleasant.

Where do the locals holiday in Greece?

Paros. Blessed with natural beauty, stunning beaches, and picturesque traditional villages with sun-bleached houses and churches, Paros, in the heart of the Cyclades, is one of the favorite holiday destinations in Greece for Greeks.

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