What is the meaning of train line in English?

Definitions of rail line. the road consisting of railroad track and roadbed. synonyms: line, railway line. types: branch line, spur, spur track. a railway line connected to a trunk line.

What is the history of Trainline?

Trainline was established in 1997 by the Virgin Group, and online ticket sales began in 1999. It was operated under contract by Capgemini. Stagecoach later purchased a 49% shareholding. In February 2004 Trainline merged with Qjump, its main competitor.

What is the symbol for Trainline?

TRNTrainline (LON:TRN) Is Experiencing Growth In Returns On Capital.

What is the objective of Trainline?

Our aim is to bring together all rail, coach and other travel services into one simple experience so people can get the best prices and smart, real-time travel info on the go.

What is another word for train line?

On this page you'll find 16 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to rail line, such as: railway, subway, line, metro, monorail, and tracks.

What is the old meaning of train?

to draw; drag'Train' comes from a French verb that meant "to draw; drag." It originally referred to the part of a gown that trailed behind the wearer. The word train has been part of English since the 14th century—since its Middle English days.

How does Trainline work?

Trainline combines offers, ticket information and timetables for most European rail companies. This makes booking a train ticket for your whole journey as easy as pie. You don't even have to worry about what train operator you're travelling with – simply book, turn up at the station and go.

What does exclamation mark mean Trainline?

Disruption Alert MessagingDisruption Alert Messaging If there are planned engineering works, we will display the triangle with exclamation mark. When this is clicked on, the NRE bulletin disruption alert messaging will be displayed (shown below). No blue messaging box is necessary as timetables are confirmed within the 12 week window.

What is the meaning of Trainline?

What type of brand is the Trainline com?

Trainline is the leading independent rail and coach travel platform selling tickets to millions of travellers worldwide. Via its highly-rated website and mobile app, people can seamlessly search, book, and manage their journeys in one place.

Is train line one word?

The word Trainline is always written with a capital 'T'. Trainline – Europe's leading train and coach app. Download the Trainline app to get all prices, times and tickets in an instant.

What is another meaning train?

Some common synonyms of train are discipline, educate, instruct, school, and teach. While all these words mean "to cause to acquire knowledge or skill," train stresses instruction and drill with a specific end in view.

What does train mean Shakespeare?

lure, entice, decoy.

Is Trainline safe to buy tickets?

Is Trainline legitimate? Yes, Trainline is legitimate. Their app and website connect directly to rail and coach carriers' ticketing platforms so every ticket you buy through Trainline is valid for travel.

What does it mean on Trainline when it says not available to buy?

If you've left your booking literally to the last minute and the train's about to leave, you may see a “Not available to buy” notice on our app or website. If so, you won't be able to buy your ticket with us, but you can talk to staff at the station instead.

What does the little yellow exclamation mark mean?

You may see a yellow exclamation mark on a dashboard instead, which also indicates an issue with your tires. Some cars have an orange exclamation mark, while others have a yellow one. Your dashboard will display a tire alert through some form of exclamation mark warning light due to their urgency.

What is a person driving a train called?

They're also known by numerous other titles, including train engineer, locomotive engineer , train operator and engine driver.

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