Which country has the most railway lines?

The United States possesses the largest railway network in the world, in terms of total operating length. China and India trail behind as the second and third largest railway networks respectively. Detailed profiles of the top five railway networks worldwide, taking into consideration their extensive coverage.

Why doesn t the US have more high-speed rail?

Only a measly 375 miles of U.S. track are equipped for 100+ mph speeds. U.S. rail tracks are typically too old to handle the speed of new train technology. The limits of the rails can reduce the effectiveness of the train speeds, sometimes by more than 100 mph.

Why doesn t California have high-speed rail?

California's plan is to build an electric train that will connect Los Angeles with the Central Valley and then San Francisco in two hours and 40 minutes. But 15 years later, there is not a single mile of track laid, and executives involved say there isn't enough money to finish the project.

Which country has the most high-speed rail lines?

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