How do I get more discount on booking? is better with Genius

  1. Easy to get. Just create a free account to unlock instant discounts.
  2. Easy to keep. After unlocking each Genius Level, the rewards are yours to enjoy for life.
  3. Easy to grow. The more you book, the more you get. The best part? Every booking counts toward your progress.


How to get 10% off booking com?

Sign up for emails and get 10% off couponMake travels more affordable and sign up to today. Join the newsletter and receive a 10% off discount code. T&Cs apply.

Are there any discounts with booking com?

Sign up for's Genius membership and enjoy Discounts of up to 50% on your travels. Save on hotels, flight tickets, and more. Price reduction Up to 50% off Applicable to Members Terms & conditions Must be signed in to unlock savings.

What is the genius discount on booking com?

When you join the program, the 10% Genius discount applies automatically to your least expensive and most popular room type or unit. If your least expensive room is also your best-selling room, the discount will only apply to that one.

Does booking com use promo codes?

Yes, you can use promo codes on To use a promo code, simply enter the code when making your reservation, and the discount will be applied to your total. Please note that promo codes are subject to terms and conditions, and may have restrictions such as specific dates, hotels, or room types.

Is there a booking com discount?

Sign up for the newsletterWhen you sign up for the newsletter, you will instantly receive a 10% discount on your first online reservation. You will also be eligible for the Secret Deal, a member-exclusive deal.

How do you get the secret price on hotels com?

Sign up for a account for Secret PricesThose who sign up for a free account unlock additional discounts compared to nonmembers. The discount varies, but you'll see the savings denoted in your search results with a tag that states Secret Price.

How to get extra discount at booking com?

What is the highest loyalty program in booking com?

There are three levels of's Genius loyalty program, the highest of which offers up to 20% discount on stays.

What is Level 2 Genius discount?

To unlock Level 2, you must complete five stays across a two-year period. You'll earn a discount of up to 15%, plus complimentary breakfast and free room upgrades on select stays. To reach Level 3, you need to complete 15 stays within two years.

What is the minimum discount we offer to our genius customers?

In addition, a basic discount of 10 percent off the hotel rate is offered, increasing to 15 percent for those at level 2 and up to 20 percent for those at level 3. For the latter two levels, complimentary breakfasts, free upgrades, and priority assistance are also provided.

Is it good to go through booking com?

Is booking com reliable and safe? is reliable and safe. They are in the business for years now and they are one of the biggest booking websites out there. If you need to book for your next trip, is a very safe platform that you can use.

What is the benefit of booking through booking com?

Free room type upgrade, which gives an advantage by offering a better room for the same price. Most hotels think that offers the upgrade after the reservation has been made or in the very last step before booking.

How do you get a max discount on a hotel?

We give you 10 of these to crack the best deal the next time you book a stay.

  1. Sign up for hotel newsletters to find promotional deals. …
  2. Call up the hotel desk for discounts. …
  3. Mention if you've stayed in their hotel before. …
  4. Check fare comparison websites. …
  5. Try hotel booking apps. …
  6. Travel off-season.

How to negotiate hotel room block rate?

Here are five tips on how to negotiate the best rate on a hotel room block.

  1. Start Your Search Early. The earlier you start looking and booking, the more options you'll have. …
  2. Plan for the Right Number of Rooms. …
  3. Do Your Homework on Rates. …
  4. Ask if On-site Events Can Lower Your Rate. …
  5. Go Over the Contract with a Fine-toothed Comb.
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