Can you queue for the Eiffel Tower?

As the Eiffel Tower is an unmissable tourist attraction, lines are usually massive. You may get there early, but it is highly likely that most tourists will have done the same. The waiting time can be 30 minutes to an hour, but during peak tourist season, wait time can go up to three hours.

Is it possible to buy Eiffel Tower tickets on the day?

"Stairs + lift" tickets to the top are sold online, but only in very small quantities. They can be mainly purchased on the day of you visit from the ticket offices at the Tower.

Can you queue for Eiffel Tower tickets?

How long is the line for Eiffel Tower tickets?

one to two hoursSince entry lines to visit the Eiffel Tower are notoriously long — with normal wait times of one to two hours — we strongly recommend getting an advance ticket as soon as your Paris dates are set.

Are Eiffel Tower tickets timed entry?

By buying time-stamped e-tickets, you'll save time at the Tower! You can book your visit up to two months in advance: and we definitely recommend booking for the summer months (July and August), when the Eiffel Tower is at its busiest.

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