What is the senior age for Sagrada Familia?

over 65Sagrada Familia Ticket Prices & DiscountsSenior Tickets: people over 65 are entitled to a discount. The discount on the ticket depends on the ticket type selected. Children Tickets: children under 11 can visit the Sagrada Familia free of charge.

What qualifies as a senior in Spain?

Senior age is 65 in most places in Barcelona, but book online to skip the queue, and you may find if the venue offers discounts. You will have to book a time slot and entrance is provided in 15 minute slots. It is only 2 minutes outside of station.

How can I get into Sagrada Familia for free?

Members of religious orders can visit the Basilica for free and get additional services at no extra cost (the additional services are subject to availability). They must show an official card. ICOM members and Barcelona Press Card holders get in free (SAGRADA FAMÍLIA visit).

What age is a senior ticket?

60 and overAt what age can you buy senior train tickets? Whilst there's no such thing as an official senior citizen train ticket, there are plenty of discount cards you can sign up to when you reach a certain age. Most senior citizen discounts cards are available to people aged 60 and over, although some start from age 50.

What age is senior at Sagrada Familia?

What discounts do I get at 60?

Over 60 discounts on travel

  • National Rail senior railcard. Do you travel a lot on the train? …
  • Pensioner's bus pass. …
  • Free London travel. …
  • Discount travel in Wales and Scotland. …
  • National Express senior coach card. …
  • Interrail pass. …
  • Discounted flights. …
  • Discounted hotels.

What age is considered a senior in Barcelona?

(65+)Senior (65+) Student. Young (11 to 29 years old)

What do you get at age 65?

You can join Medicare as soon as you reach age 65. Here is how Medicare works: Medicare Part A provides hospital insurance that does not cost anything for most retirees. Medicare Part B, which covers doctor's visits and medical care, is $148.50 per month — although some beneficiaries could pay more.

What do old age pensioners get free?

The Household Benefits Package (HBP) helps with the cost of your electricity or gas bill and the TV licence. Only one person in a household can get the Package. You can get the Household Benefits Package if you are aged 70 or over. You do not need to be getting a State pension and the package is not means tested.

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