Is it safe to travel on trains in Morocco?

Morocco has a good rail network – trains are air conditioned and frequent, and connect the country's most interesting cities. Whilst Morocco's road safety record remains poor, its trains are comfortable and convenient, often departing from slick, newly built stations.

How long is the high speed train from Casablanca to Tangier?

2 hoursThe Casablanca to Tangier trains boast fast travel times and can cover the distance from city center to city center in just 2 hours!

Can you travel around Morocco by train?

How long is the bullet train in Morocco?

High speed railThis 323-kilometer-long (201 mi) high-speed rail service is operated by the ONCF.

Can you tour Morocco on your own?

Is it safe to travel to Morocco alone? Yes, traveling Morocco alone is safe. Well, as safe as anything is these days. Of course, traveling—anywhere, with anyone, in any gender presentation—never offers the same safety guarantees as, say, riding a Disneyland roller coaster or working in a unionized industry.

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